Top Free Courses When Doing a Tech Co-op
Posted on: May 28, 2017, by : lukas

Having never worked in the tech sphere before, I wanted to enter the industry with a little knowledge behind me. Prior to my experience here in London, I completed a few courses that have helped me immensely moving in the startup world.

I’ve focused primarily on courses that give you a basic understanding of the concepts needed so that communication with developers was easier to understand and difficulties easier to convey.

HubSpot Inbound Certification: This course was a fantastic introduction to converting users in paying customers. The course itself focuses on the fundamentals of inbound marketing especially conversion after a user has clicked on an advertisement.

Lighthouse Labs Introduction to HTML and CSS: This course was a very basic refresher of my first year computer science (HTML / CSS) course, but updated to reflect HTML5 and CSS3. The course is thorough and fairly comprehensive as far as basic introduction courses go.

Lighthouse Labs Introduction to Javascript: This course was also another great refresher of basic Javascript fundamentals, though the course is limited in teaching you things that will be useful (the chat room you create is cool though if you are unfamiliar with Javascript).

Codecademy: This website has a variety of useful courses – I recommend are their into to website building which covers HTML, CSS, and Javascript in 3 different courses, and their basic Ruby course. Their courses are all fantastic and provide a wealth of information for anyone who is committed enough to their process which does take some getting used to.

Google Analytics/Adwords Certification: Both of these courses by Google are fairly challenging compared to the others I’ve listed, but both are very valuable for gaining an insight into the operations and functions of Google Analytics and Adwords beyond the basic functionality that poking around the Dashboard provides.

These courses will equip you with a limited base for entering the startup world, but I did find their completion to be hugely beneficial to me. I also completed one of Udemy’s Advanced Excel classes which was very helpful in managing and working with data.

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