Top Coffee Shops to Remote Work in London
Posted on: April 7, 2017, by : lukas
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Working in tech and the startup scene often brings you into many different cafes. Some great, some not so great. London is a very well-equipped city for entrepreneurs and remote workers, and the cafe scene has something for everyone. Most cafes serve delicious and healthy food, and in recent years London has seen an emergence of coffee snobs which has lead to most cafes upping their coffee game to deliver the best possible brew to customers.

Here are my top 4 favourite cafes in London to work remotely from that I’ve found over the course of my internship here in London.

javaU paddington londonJavaU Paddington, Praed St

JavaU Paddington is probably my favourite cafe to work in. They have a buy 9 get 1 free policy here which is fantastic. The wifi is quite good, the coffee decent (7/10), the staff are super super friendly and will quickly remember your order – they also bring your coffee to you and will let you start a tab. The atmosphere, though, is what truly makes this cafe an excellent place to work (along with the more than abundant wall plugs)! I don’t like the downstairs area though – upstairs is much, much more conducive to work. The only downside here is that making phone calls can be a little bit awkward.
Overall, JavaU is one of the best locations to work in London. The music selection is quiet enough, and even then the music is typically inoffensive and calming without being distracting.

Kaffeine, 66 Great Kaffeine LondonTitchfield St

This probably isn’t your best bet for getting serious work done, but it makes the list due to it being an excellent place to have your meetings in. The food and coffee here are also absolutely fantastic.
Kaffeine is still quite small though, so finding a seat here can often be a bit of a challenge, especially during peak hours.


TY Seven Dials LondonTimberYard (TY Seven Dials) – 7 Upper St Martins Lane

TimberYard is notorious among the remote work crowd here in London. This shop is built with us in mind. Coffee is plentiful and excellent, plugs are always within an arms reach, and everyone is working diligently so the atmosphere is excellent. People come here to work so taking a call or two is totally okay – definitely one of my top suggestions. The food is mainly vegan based though.


google campus londonGoogle Campus – 4-5 Bonhill St

Google Campus in Shoreditch is one of the premiere remote work locations in London. The campus is open to members only (membership is free), and offers a coffee shop, fantastic co-working space, plenty of plugs, and fantastic events, meeting rooms, and mentorship opportunities. The campus bleeds entrepreneurial vibes and getting productive is incredibly simple here.

Google Campus, although it has a cafe so it does make my list, feels a lot more like a professional coworking space and can be overwhelming at times, but the vibe and entrepreneurial juices flowing here are contagious.

All of these locations are fantastic and each have their own perks. Between the 4 listed here, there is always something available depending on your mood.

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